Original software to analyze forest information from drone data

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  We develop and provide original software for forestry entities and drone measurement companies to analyze forest information from commercially available drones.



 DF Scanner is our original software that analyzes forest information from UAV data. This software was developed with the goal of creating an environment in which anyone can use UAVs to observe forest conditions and numerically grasp the current status and values.
    This software can use data from both LiDAR UAVs and UAVs equipped with general digital cameras. Based on orthophoto, DSM data, and DTM data, DF Scanner uses deep learning to enable tree detection, tree species classification, and DBH and carbon stock estimation for the first time in the world.
    We plan to implement functions for understanding biodiversity in the future.


Tree species identification

 A major feature of this software is the use of AI (deep learning) to identify tree species.
    We succeeded in developing tree species classification system based on orthophotos for the first time in the world. This program enables detailed classification which had been impossible with aircraft or LiDAR, and integrated into DF Scanner.
    It supports automatic identification of a part of Japanese conifers (cedar, cypress, red pine, larch, and fir) and broad-leaved trees, as well as learning and classification of original classes by users.


Estimation of Lumber Volume, etc.

 In addition to the tree classification, the software also includes functions for tree top detection, crown segmentation, and estimation of stem diameter, height, and stem volume.
    Stem volume is estimated from the species, height, diameter at breast height, and the region in which the tree is located.
    By calculating these information, it is possible to determine the number of trees and the stem volume in a particular region.


Carbon Stock Estimation

 Carbon stock estimation function has been integrated.
    We are planning to make this function available for carbon credit applications in the future.


    DF LAT

 DF LAT is software that generates detailed topographic maps, canopy height data, and other data for forest analysis from point cloud data acquired by LiDAR drone. From commercially available LiDAR drone data, DF LAT can detect ground areas under trees, create 5cm resolution DSM/DTM, and check working paths and microtopography in the forest.

 The DSM, DTM, and CHM data created by DF LAT can be analyzed by DF Scanner to more accurately determine tree height, stem volume and carbon stocks.

Details, Download